2018 World Parrot Trust Calendar (artists edition)


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Colourful, captivating, and benefiting conservation, the 2018 Artist Edition Calendar showcases stunning portraits of parrots from around the globe.

Created specially for the World Parrot Trust, each piece is captured in exquisite detail by renowned wildlife artists who work deep in natural settings, intimately close to the birds they love. Inspired by a passion that extends beyond the canvas, every artist has generously donated their time and talents in order to benefit the conservation of their cherished feathered subjects.

300mm sq (12 inches sq) folded. 300x600 mm (12x24 inches) open


Penny Meakin

Elizabeth Cogley

Ian Griffiths

Dr. Jeremy Paul

Kitty Harvill

Leon van der Linden

Peter Slater

Sally Elmer

Peta Boyce

Ria Winters

Chris Maynard

Ian Griffiths


Cape Parrots

Musk Lorikeets

Spix Macaws

Rose-Ringed Parakeets

Parrots of Brazil

Hyacinth Macaw

Yellow Rosella

Coxen's Fig Parrot

Yellow _Tailed Black Cockatoo

St Vincent Amazon

Red Tailed Black Cockatoo

Yellow-Headed Amazons

All proceeds from your calendar purchase will be used to fund the World Parrot Trust’s international efforts. This includes crucial research, educational initiatives, reintroduction strategies, and a wide range of conservation projects designed to preserve fragile ecosystems and parrot populations.

With one in three parrots under threat in the wild, every effort must be made to protect them. We hope you’ll enjoy these spellbinding creations.

Customer Reviews

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2018 World Parrot Trust Calendar (artists edition)

Parrot Calendar

I have recently ordered and received the 2018 International World Parrot Trust Calendar and it is an absolute beauty the art work is outstanding and worthy of framing ! I would absolutely recommend it.

Beautiful, unique images

Such a gorgeous calendar, I had to order several this year as last year so many people wanted one! A really interesting way of viewing these incredible birds, instead of photos there are some lovely modern interpretations of the animals and their environments.

2018 World Parrot Trust Calender ( artists edition)

Normally buy the photographic calenders which are always great but decided to have a change this year and am not disappointed. Wonderful illustrations and very high quality. Keep up the good work!

Artistic Callendar

I usually purchsed the Photographic, but this year the Artistic edition, which I find more desireable, service was excellent and friendly when contaced