2024 Calendar Bundle (Art and Photo edition)

International World Parrot Trust


Not sure which calendar you need, why not treat yourself to both and save!

Artist's Calendar:

The diverse world of parrots is beautifully captured in the 2024 Artist’s Edition Calendar, created solely to benefit the World Parrot Trust’s global conservation efforts. Each featured art piece is brought into being through a combination of the artist’s passion for birds, and a deep knowledge of their natural surroundings and behaviour. Featured artists have generously donated their time and skill in order to benefit parrot conservation.

Piece Title / Featured Species and Artist:

  • Ethiopian Parrots by Penny Meakin
  • Golden Parakeet by Tony Sanchez
  • White-eared Wonders by Kitty Harvill
  • Hope (Galah) by Sally Edmonds
  • Macaws by Michael DiGiorgio
  • Carolina Parakeets by Ria Winters
  • Orange-bellied Parrots by Brett Jarrett
  • A Hidden World (Kākāpō) by Judi Lapsley Miller (cover)
  • Spix's Macaws by Paschalis Dougalis
  • Rattle the Cage by Chris Maynard
  • Larry's Antics by Peta Boyce
  • Crimson Rosellas by Elizabeth Cogley

    300mm sq (12 inches sq) folded.  300x600 mm (12x24 inches) open

    Photo Calendar:

    They are among the most diverse and fascinating birds on Earth. Sadly, of the more than 400 species of parrot nearly one-in-three are threatened in the wild. These birds face increasing pressure from human encroachment, heavy exploitation for trade and the effects of climate change. Their continued survival begins with you. Please join us in celebrating and protecting these remarkable birds.

    2024 photo calendar - featured species: 

    • Rainbow Lorikeet
    • Red-and-green Macaw
    • Crimson Rosella (cover)
    • Galah
    • Orange-fronted Conure
    • Budgerigar
    • Grey Parrot
    • Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
    • White-fronted Amazon
    • Bluebonnet
    • Hyacinth Macaw
    • Palm Cockatoo

    Ships from the UK or the USA

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Amy H.
    Beautiful Calendars

    Beautiful calendars as always. Gorgeous artwork and beautiful photos. I love these calendars!

    JM Kater

    Really beautiful and artistic


    As always amazing photos and artwork depicting some gorgeous parrots. I can’t imagine not having them on my wall each year!

    Kimberly R
    Love these Calendars

    I purchase these two every year, one for my kitchen and one for my office. They are always beautiful and well printed on quality paper. I will always support the World Parrot Trust.