Cornish Pewter

Pewter is a metal alloy where 85-99% Tin is mixed with other metals to give strength, in this case copper. Cornwall in the South West of England has long been a hub of Tin and copper mining in the past centuries and the landscape is dotted with the ghostly remains of engine houses and mine shafts of a past era. Tin production has long gone but we have sourced an independent craftsman who works in this traditional material within a stones throw of the iconic Crown mine at Bottalack. He creates a master to our design then a mould is created. Using recycled Tin, the molten Pewter is poured by hand into the mould and when cooled it is finished and polished by hand to product a genuine and exclusive work of art.
Pewter has been used from pre Roman times and legend has it that the young Jesus Christ accompanied his uncle, a trader in Tin, to the South west.
You can enjoy the craftsmanship and beauty of this method as well as the history which has influenced this cottage industry.