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Penny Meakin. South Africa
peany meakin parrot art

Penny was born in England and her early years were spent growing up in central and southern Africa. Over the years she developed a passion and a deep interest in the natural environment, its wildlife and birds, its colours and diversity. Penny specializes in bird painting and strives to capture life, movement and light.  She works in a variety of mediums, her favorites being oils and acrylics. 

As well as participating in many exhibitions, her artwork has appeared in a number of major publications including various books and magazines. From her studio base in KwaZulu-Natal she travels extensively both in southern Africa and abroad to gather field reference material for her work

Some of the titles include the following:-

Nocturnal Birds of South Africa (2012) by John Carlyon

Roberts V11 (2005) and its companion Field Guide (2007) John Voelcker Bird Book Fund

Agred's Gamebirds of South Africa (2006) African Gamebird Research and Development Trust

Rowland Wards's Records of Big Game  (1998)  (2002)  (2006) Rowland Ward Publications, Johannesburg.

South African Bird Atlas (1998)  BirdLife South Africa.

Wild Ways (1992) Peter Apps. Southern Books (a book on mammal behaviour)

The South African Red Data Book - Freshwater Fish’ (1987)

Rowland Wards’s  limited print set editions - Gamebirds of Africa (1991)

 Ducks of Africa (1996) 

 Struik Pocket Guides:  Snakes (1986), Mammals (1988)

 Under a Hunter’s Moon (2002) Nino Burelli

The World’s Greatest Wingshooting Destinations’ (2002) Chris Dorsey USA.

Penny’s other interests include travel, particularly camping safaris, visiting reserves in southern African countries as well as wildlife destinations abroad. Bird-watching, canoeing, hiking and mountain biking are also favourite pastimes.