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Kitty Harvill. USA & Brazil

An American with dual residency in the U.S. and Brazil, Harvill lives close to the largest remaining fragment of Atlantic Coastal Rainforest in Brazil. It is a rainforest that she is passionate about, and this passion is reflected in much of her art that focuses on this “hotspot” of our planet. She has involved herself with conservation organizations working in this area and donated her time and talent, most of which has been for birds, and especially parrots - the Red-tailed Parrot, Vinaceous-breasted Parrot, and Spix’s Macaw, to name a few.

Harvill and her husband, naturalist Christoph Hrdina, conceptualized a 48-page children’s book about the Red-tailed Parrot, which Harvill illustrated in cut-paper collage and watercolor. She created the cover art for Brazil’s National Action Plan for the conservation of the Spix’s Macaw and led workshops for children in Bahia where this parrot was endemic and will soon be reintroduced. You can also find Harvill's painting of Vinaceous-breasted Amazons in the 2019 World Parrot Trust Artist’s edition calendar.

Harvill has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including the annual AFC - Artists for Conservation international exhibitions, of which she is a Signature member, and the TWASI - The Wildlife Art Society International exhibitions where she was the international Award recipient 3 years in a row. Her work has also appeared in numerous publications and children’s books. 

Harvill and her husband are the founders and leaders of ABUN - Artists & Biologists United for Nature - a Facebook group which supports biologists and conservation organizations through artwork produced by the membership and donated for educational and marketing purposes to raise awareness.