African Grey Parrot

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Grey Parrots (Psittacus erithacus) are known for being natural problem-solvers, but their biggest problem needs you. Endangered in their home ranges, they are at risk from illegal trapping and to a lesser extent, habitat loss.

 WPT is working to protect Grey Parrots and others like them by collaborating with local communities and authorities to stop trapping, as well as by helping to rescue, rehabilitate and return them back to the wild. 

Your symbolic adoption of an Grey Parrot will help WPT to continue our important work for all parrots.

Your adoption package includes:

  • Grey Parrot Plush - 3 sizes Small 15cm - Medium 19cm - Large 30cm
  • Symbolic Adoption Certificate
  • Grey Photo and Fact Card
  • Exclusively Designed Sticker

Show your love for parrots by symbolically adopting a cute Grey Parrot.

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Customer Reviews

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Katherine Patrick
Lovely plushie

Bought this package for a friend for Xmas. The plushie is lovely and cuddly and the bag useful. Most of all I am glad to do anything to help African Grey Parrots as I share my home with 2 special needs Greys. They are delightful and intelligent creatures even though they are slowly chewing up all the wood trim in my house. I so wish they could be in the wild but one has seizures and the other is missing all toes and half of one wing. I do my best to keep them healthy and happy.

Keep these in the Shop:)

I just love these Adoption packages. Great for pressies and also for yourself, Teaches about our beloved parrots and gifts are just wonderful to go along:) Keep them in the webshop, please!
Our best to you!
Happy new year!

Alexander Roth
My new "best friend"

Cutest parrot ever.For me and my kids it is our new "best friend" :-)

Corinna Rößner

Mein Timneh ist kurz vor Weihnachten verstorben .... dank meiner Tochter und dem World Parrot Trust bin ich seit Weihnachten die Patentmama eines wilden Grauen. Vielen Dank für das wundervolle Überraschungsgeschenk :-) mit dem süßen Plüschpapagei und der tollen Urkunde.
Von mir gibt es dafür fünf Sterne.

Ken Morley
Xmas pressie from "Jack" our 30 year old African Grey

My wife opened her pressie from "Jack" and was chuffed to bits, thank you from me and on behalf of "Jack"