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 Your symbolic adoption of a Budgie will help WPT to continue our important work for all parrots. Your adoption package includes:

  • Budgie Parrot Plush toy
  • Symbolic Adoption Certificate
  • Photo and Fact Card
  • 'I Love Budgerigars' poster
  • Page of Stickers
  • Cotton bag

Non toy option does not include a toy or cotton bag

Show your love for parrots by symbolically adopting a beautiful Budgie.

Ships from the UK

Customer Reviews

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Teri Temme

Beautiful package and the stuffed animals are adorable. I love the poster too! Thank you for doing what you do.


Very happy with everything. Thank you!

The Most REALISTIC Looking Budgie Plushies I Have Ever Seen!

I have ordered several of these (African Grey, Blue & Gold, & Sulfur Crested Cockatoo in the past) but these budgies are the most impressive! Needless to say they are very high quality, as all of their plushies have been that I got, but these are next level realistic! I've purchased other plush budgies and the barring is never great but this one IS EXCELLENT!

On top of the great quality your money goes to Parrot conservation whitch is the real, perfect gift for the parrot lover in your life. :)

That being said, WE NEED MORE VARIETY! I WANT GREEN CHEEK CONURE SPIRITUAL ADOPTIONS WITH 10 PLUSHY OPTIONS TO COLLECT!!!!! Seriously, what am I going to buy once I own them all?!

Tanya Loos
Such a great pack!

I was so delighted to get all these goodies in the mail - the plush toys and budgie stickers especially great! I am going to buy the same for my friend Jane who is also Budgie mad. Thanks!

Jane, Devon
Lovely gift

I bought this as a gift for a family, the toy budgies are very cute and will go down well with the children. Also arrived super quickly, thank you Parrot Trust team.