2023 World Parrot Trust Calendar (photographic edition)

International World Parrot Trust


For centuries, people have marvelled at the diversity of parrots. We have been astonished by their talent for mimicry, dazzled by their rainbow hues, and captivated by their intelligence. We also revere them as some of the most beautiful birds in the world, and a wildlife photographer’s delight.

The 2023 World Parrot Trust Calendar candidly reveals parrots at home in their element; the wild. Please join us in celebrating and protecting these extraordinary birds.

2023 photo calendar species:

  • Senegal Parrot
  • Scarlet Macaw
  • Blue-fronted Amazon
  • Kea
  • Fischer's Lovebirds
  • Papaun Eclectus
  • Grey Parrot
  • Galah
  • Vernal Hanging Parrot
  • Great Green Macaw
  • Slender-billed Corella
  • Red-masked Conure

Proceeds from sales support ongoing parrot conservation efforts by the World Parrot Trust.


Size 21cm x28cm when shut.

Ships from the UK

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Héctor Gabriel Silva Pereyra

I Love the WTP Calendars! I have been getting them every year for about 9 years now!
I hope this will help at least a little bit the parrots around the world and your amazing cause! Thanks for helping the amazing parrots!!!!!! I am your fan!

Elaine Henley
What a wonderful calander

I was thrilled to have my image of the Grey Parrot- taken in July 2022, in Uganda- featured on the front cover of this years calendar.
All of the images are simply stunning- and bring some cheer to one's home.

hellen nichols
Beautiful birds

Very lovely pictures