Parrot calendar 2018

Q & A's


Here are some answers to your most frequently asked questions. We constantly update them based on your feedback.

What do I do if I need to contact you?

We ship worldwide to locations in different time zones so to provide the best service an email is preferred but if you would like a call back please enter the best times to call and we will try our best. Web store queries only, use:

Why are there Amazon buttons on some products?

To enable us to offer a greater range of products and to trial an ongoing program of possible new products we have teamed up with Amazon marketplace. You pay the same price as you would do on Amazon if you went there directly but the Trust receives a small commission to help support our work.

Why don’t you have any products with < insert parrot name > parrot on them?

We are continuing to expand our product range and the species those products feature, so please do keep coming back or drop us an email (use: with your suggestion.

I cannot see my country listed in the shipping options. Why?

If you cannot see your location please get in touch (use: and we can check if our couriers will deliver to your location.

Will my order come as one package?

If you order, say all art prints, then yes the probability of them all arriving together is high but if you order different items we work with different partners so they will arrive at separate times.