2021 World Parrot Trust Calendar (photographic edition)

International World Parrot Trust


We are fortunate to live in a world that has the most extraordinary of creatures – parrots. Their distinctiveness from other birds is what fascinates and captures our imaginations. Some of the parrots seen in this calendar are facing increasing pressure from human encroachment and exploitation; others manage to flourish in spite of human activity.

All need our protection and respect. The threats to their survival are complex. We need your help if we want to bring about meaningful and long-lasting solutions to conserve them. 

Photo calendar species:

  • Nanday Conure
  • Budgerigar
  • Blue-fronted Amazon
  • Blue-and-yellow Macaw
  • Purple-crowned Lorikeet
  • Grey Parrot
  • Mulga Parrot
  • Red-fronted Macaw
  • Glossy Black Cockatoo
  • Puerto Rican Amazon
  • Yellow-crested Cockatoo
  • Hyacinth Macaw

Proceeds from sales support ongoing parrot conservation efforts by the World Parrot Trust.

Size 21cm x28cm when shut.

Customer Reviews

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Jaroslav Platko

amazing parrort calendar

A.C. Stolk
Just beautiful!

The way to make people aware of these beautiful birds in our world the whole year round!

Great service. Thank you!

This arrived promptly and my relative was very pleased. She loves these calendars and I send her one every year. Many thanks!

William Hughes
A must have

What a fantastic calendar the photos are such excellent quality & capture the characters of the birds😍

Yay! More parrots each month

Arrived surprisingly quickly given the time of year and pandemic pressures on delivery.
Not looking at it until the new year but expecting the same delight with each month's picture that I have had this year.