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Become a lifelong protector of the parrots.

When you join today as a WPT Fellow, your membership fees will fund research, education and parrot conservation/welfare programs. You will join one of the world's largest international networks of parrot enthusiasts. And your commitment will last a lifetime.

Your membership counts! Join today and receive:

  • PsittaScene Magazine -- our quarterly publication delivered directly to your home
  • Flock Talk -- our monthly newsletter
  • A "Parrot Conservationist" Certificate -- suitable for framing; show everyone your commitment to saving parrots
  • Your membership card -- providing you with one free admittance each year to Paradise Park (UK), home of the Trust
  • A WPT poster

And website extras including:

  • Access to experts and specialists in many fields to answer your toughest questions about parrots
  • Downloadable copies of the latest parrot-related scientific research
  • Research and information from over 25 years of PsittaScene, and the Parrot Action Plan
  • Downloadable content including desktop wallpaper and more

Make a lifelong commitment to save the parrots.

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Great to be involved

I just joined and am looking forward to contining to help this wonderful group of birds