Limited edition enamel Pin badges no's 1-6



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These exclusive enamel pin badges are limited to 1000 of each design so grab your collection before its too late. Save on all 6.

  • Major Mitchell's Cockatoo
  • Great Green Macaw
  • African Grey Parrot
  • Black-cheeked Lovebird
  • Budgie
  • Cockatiel

Collectors pin badges come attached to a hand-numbered presentation card and is also available in a kraft gift boxed wrapped in raffia

These special collector's enamel pin badges are exclusive to the World Parrot Trust and were produced working as a team with the manufacturer, artist and World Parrot Trust, ensuring both accuracy of the parrot and quality of the pin. 

Displayed individually, collected, displayed as a set or worn for fun - whichever way you choose they will certainly stand out!

Soft Enamel Pin Badges have the enamel placed in the recess of the stamped badge and when baked leave a nice dip which raises the metal above the enamel giving a 3-D effect and a tactile finish.

  • Hand numbered
  • Limited edition only 1000 worldwide.
  • Height 30mm 
  • Rubber clutch 
  • Black dyed steel with enamel
Also available in a gift box

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      Limited edition enamel Pin badges no's 1-6