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Your parrot will love to get its beak into this vine, palm and cholla toy. Use as a foot toy or hang from their cage.

  • Pine wood
  • Leather
  • Vine star
  • Cane ring
  • Beech ball
  • Chola wood

Suitable for small to medium parrots.

Guidelines for introducing a new toy to your parrot:

  • Toys can enhance the quality of your companion parrot’s life by providing environmental enrichment. We recommend specific toy sizes for different species as a suggestion only. Use your best judgment when it comes to the safety and happiness of your bird.
  • As parrots are naturally fearful, it is important to introduce the toy slowly and carefully. Allow him to see the toy outside of the cage first, have him get used to it, then try installing it inside the cage.
  • Always check the toy before and after use for any loose threads, or broken and sharp areas. Never leave your parrot unattended with a toy. Remove all packaging and untie any looped cord.
  • Due to contamination risk toys cannot be refunded

Customer Reviews

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... but my birdie Loki (african grey) doesn't think much of it. When I first showed it to him, he wouldn't even look at it. He did love the promo materials;

Took a week for him to get remotely intersted, didn't ocuppy him for long;

Anyhow.. I consider it a great toy, safe, even without supervision for the cage. A blend of shapes, materials and textures. I love it.. Most likely other parrots would too! Highly recommend!