A Promise to Parrots



Help Make a Promising Future for Parrots

Thanks to your amazing support during the COVID-19 pandemic, our field partners and local organisations have managed to navigate numerous unexpected challenges and carry on in their efforts to save parrots. Your support has also made it possible for us to expand our reach to those at home who are concerned about parrot conservation and welfare. 

Unfortunately, we still need your help.

Trapping for the wildlife trade continues to cause wild populations to rapidly decline, and ongoing deforestation is leaving parrots without critical food and nesting trees. 

Together we can make a Promise to Parrots to ensure their survival.

Your gift will enable WPT and our partners to… 

  • Help parrots trapped for the bird trade return to the wild;
  • Protect and restore important wild spaces so that parrots can thrive;
  • Save endangered species by advancing research and hands-on conservation;
  • Inspire change in local communities through educational and ecotourism activities;
  • Improve parrot welfare by offering engaging ways to learn about parrot care.

With your support, we will ensure these amazing birds live on in the wild - even through the toughest of times. Together, we'll keep our Promise to Parrots.

Please, donate today.

Customer Reviews

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Parrot donation

Wish I could win lots of money and help even more.
You do such good work.
Thank goodness for you all

"Being There"

Thank you for all the work you do for parrots around the world. It is organisations like WPT that give hope that we still might save many creatures from extinction and in doing so, hopefully, save all life on our planet. And thank you for being there for the rest of us who want to help support all that you do.

Helping parrots and people

I hope this little money helps parrots and people around the world - and thank you the benefactor who triples our donations.

Helping Parrots

Anything I can do to help our feathered friends is worth every penny and worth 5 stars

Happy Giving to Parrots

Having cockatiels by myself, I am happy to give a few money to help parrots. What a pity that I can´t get the plush toys.