Save the Yellow-shouldered Amazon (Echo)



The Yellow-shouldered Amazon parrot is threatened with extinction.

Fewer than 1,000 of these birds remain on the island of Bonaire and WPT's partner organization Echo, is working to provide solutions to aid their conservation.

Some of their solutions:

  • Reducing illegal poaching of parrot chicks
  • Rescuing illegal pet parrots and injured parrots
  • Inspiring appreciation for parrots and nature through community outreach and eco-tourism
  • Restoring the dry forest where the parrots live
  • Controlling invasive Africanized bees that take over nests

With your support Echo will continue the conservation work of the incredible Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrot and its ecosystem on Bonaire.

You can learn more about their specific goals on the Echo website:

Echo is a non-profit conservation foundation on the island of Bonaire (Caribbean). They are supported by, and work in partnership with, the World Parrot Trust.

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