Show Some Love to Lovebirds!



Show some Love to Lovebirds!

We're asking for your help in the name of love… for lovebirds!

These charming little parrots have won admirers the world over as symbolic expressions of love and affection. But sadly, some of them are threatened due to past heavy trapping for the wildlife trade, the ongoing loss of mature trees needed to raise their young, and other human-generated threats. 

Helping lovebirds flourish in the wild begins with you. 
Please support our partners in their efforts to:

  • Carry out genetic studies to directly inform conservation actions,
  • Install nest boxes to understand how artificial cavities can help
    mitigate the loss of habitat,
  • Survey wild numbers and identify strategies to tackle survival threats.

Your gift will directly benefit conservation efforts to protect some of the most endangered lovebird populations in Africa. Thank you for Showing Lovebirds Some Love!

Customer Reviews

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Love the lovebirds

I feel honoured that I was able to help the Lovebirds. I didn't know anyone to send the Valentines e-card to, but that didn't matter, just helping these little ones was enough.

Great idea!

What a wonderful way to show your love on Valentine's Day. Saving the planet one card at a time, and saving the love birds too!