Support the FlyFree Campaign



Help WPT end the wild bird trade and return confiscated parrots to the wild.

FlyFree is an initiative by the World Parrot Trust to create awareness and support for its effort to end the trade in wild-caught birds.

This multi-year, global campaign supports direct action to save wild parrots.

100% of funds raised are used to:

  • Help rescue, rehabilitate and release individual birds caught in the trade
  • Further efforts to confiscate illegal shipments of parrots as a deterrent to future trade
  • Encourage the adoption and enforcement of laws that protect parrots
  • Support global awareness and education programs for school-aged children and the general public
  • Develop broad-based coalitions to advocate on behalf of parrots
  • Fund research into better understanding regional aspects of the trade

To learn more about FlyFree, visit: