Symbolic adoption - Scarlet Macaw

International World Parrot Trust


Scarlet Macaws (Ara macao) are famous for their bright and beautiful colours - they might even be the first bird that comes to mind when someone says “Macaw”. Unfortunately, illegal trapping and habitat loss has left them threatened in the wild.

WPT is working to protect parrots like Scarlet Macaws by collaborating with local communities and authorities to stop trapping, as well as rescue, rehabilitate and reintroduce parrots back into their natural habitats.

Your symbolic adoption of a Scarlet Macaw will help WPT to continue our important work for all parrots. Your adoption package includes:

  • Scarlet Macaw Parrot Plush. Small 12 cm - Medium 19 cm - Large 30 cm 
  • Symbolic Adoption Certificate
  • Scarlet Macaw Photo and Fact Card
  • Exclusively Designed Sticker
  • FREE shipping to most countries, we do recommend tracked shipping

    Show your love for parrots by symbolically adopting a beautiful Scarlet Macaw.

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    Very cute

    Very cute plush, nice high quality card for the certificate and photo print. Lovely quality sticker too.